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My non-diet, weight-neutral approach focuses on nourishing oneself versus restricting, and working with our bodies, not against them. My goal is to provide you with the fundamentals to sustain lifelong, healthy habits in a way that is flexible and feels good for you. I believe no one’s nutrition is the same so I take an individualized approach to my client’s care. We will work together to establish achievable goals and action items that fit your unique health and lifestyle needs.

Clients have often described my approach to nutrition as encouraging, compassionate, and accessible.  My specialty areas include: 

Meal in One Plate

Intuitive Eating Education & Skill Development

Psychologist Session

Eating Disorders, Disordered Eating & Chronic Dieting

Brother's Kiss

Prenatal and Postpartum Nutrition

Image by Mykenzie Johnson



Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor



Image by Lindsey Savage
Image by Artem Beliaikin
Image by Dani Rendina
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